Cloud Backed turnkey CrowdFunding

Thrinacia Core Architecture is available as cloud backed SaaS offering. This means high reliability, performance and support.

Integration capabilities

Easily integrate Thrinacia CrowdFunding Engine with your existing website or domain, allowing for true white label solutions.

MultiVerse CrowdFunding

Multi portal, multi campaign mode capabilities. Run one or more CrowdFunding portals with AoN, KiA and other campaign modes.

Open Source

Thrinacia Open Source effort is focused on providing downloadable plugins for installation on your own server or hosting provider.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

What is the meaning of Thrinacia? Why was this name choosen?

Thrinacia is the island home of Helios's golden cattle, guarded by his eldest daughter, Lampetia from Book 11 of Homer's Odyssey. We chose this name since the name Thrinacia could be taken to imply a connection to the number three and it takes only three people to represent a small crowd, in addition since the cattle usually come in many we thought it would be most indicative of our multiverse crowdfunding approach.

What happened to the Thrinacia Open Source effort and what is Thrinacia SaaS?

Thrinacia consists of two projects. One is Thrinacia Core ( also known as our closed source SaaS offering or the CrowdFunding Engine ) and other is our open source crowdfunding effort to produce variety of downloadable plugins for systems like Drupal CMS, Joomla, WordPress, etc. and bindings for various languages including Python, Java, PHP, etc. which will interface to the Thrinacia Core.

Who is developing Thrinacia

Core team at DevRadius Inc. consisting of several developers and UI/UX architects is developing Thrinacia. DevRadius Inc. has years of experience developing scalable SaaS platforms.

Did you ever get funded for Thrinacia Open Source Effort?

Thrinacia Open Source CrowdFunding effort has gained some interest but we were never able to reach our funding goals, therefore we decided to not process any pledged funds and just leave this effort on it's own to evolve as we develop more code ourselves so that we could continue from there. After our SaaS offering is live, we will come back to this again.

Can I run CrowdFunding portal now with Thrinacia Core SaaS?

Yes you can. Our SaaS solution offers full Semantic UI based interface for portal administrators, backers and campaign managers. There is also a RESTful API that is available with each account so that you could create your own user interfaces for example from mobile applications and so on. Right now we are in BETA stage, please click on the Signup Button to get BETA access and pricing information.

When is Thrinacia Core BETA access going to be granted?

We are already granting BETA access to Thrinacia Core starting this month ( December 2013 ). We will continue doing this throughout the month of December 2013. The system will open for public wide consumption at the end of December 2013 or early January 2014.

What payments does Thrinacia Core allow?

Thrinacia Core uses Stripe Connect API to manage payments for pledgers and connect campaign managers with portal. Stripe signup is easy and users will never leave your crowdfunding website, which is a nice user experience. We are also working on adding PayPal adaptive and other payment options. Please contact us if you have the need for alternate payment options.

Is Thrinacia Core SaaS closed source?

Yes, Thrinacia Core is a SaaS offering that is closed source at this time. This entire effort began in early 2013 and was funded entirely by DevRadius Inc. only. No other investors or funds were taken towards this effort. We have developed Thrinacia Core on our own without going the incubator or other route.

Does Thrinacia Core provide ability to run CrowdFunding portals or campaigns?

Both. Thrinacia Core is CrowdFunding Engine which supports running CrowdFunding portals and campaigns. This means you are able to have your own CrowdFunding portal for example where you have one or more CrowdFunding campaigns or you can setup your own CrowdFunding portals where other people can run their own campaigns and you make revenue from other campaigns ( such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo ).

It seems there are other crowdfunding platforms available out there. What makes you any different from them?

Our approach is unique, we are not trying to be yet another platform. Our focus is on being the most versatile CrowdFunding engine out there that other open source or commercial software can interface to. We also wish to provide easy turn key solution with a number of powerful features and flexible UI to those who wish to operate CrowdFunding portals or run their own CrowdFunding campaigns at a very low monthly price with no commissions or percentages being taken.

How about any other questions in regards to feature or pricing for example, where do I go for that?

Please contact us via following email: beta at We would love to talk with you.